Bleue Marine offers a variety of services to meet the import and export needs of our clients. We provide one of the fastest international delivery services in the world with our easy simplified pricing structure. Call or email for price quote.

Bleue Marine was established in 2005 by a dynamic team , Since its foundation, Bleue Marine has been a visionary pioneer in the Shipping and Forwarding industry in Egypt. has a clear vision for the future of Shipping and Forwarding in Egypt and the International market. Its awareness of the demands of the international shipping community for quality services has been appreciated and has resulted in the growth of the Company to being a major influence in the Egyptian market.

The working Directors of Bleue Marine have brought their past experience of international standards to the Agency function in the Egyptian market place. Bleue Marine Worldwide Logistics is a full service logistics resource. Our goal is to deliver complete transportation capabilities making it possible to service each customer as a total transportation partner.

  • The team of professionals at Bleue Marine brings together all of the services, systems and skills required to customize transportation solutions that meet your specific needs.
    Our extensive network of service partners and agents worldwide, enables to provide complete logistics services for local, regional and international operations.
  • We are a freight forwarder of all types of cargo including Dangerous Goods. Our prices are the most competitive in the industry.

Freight Forwarding :
Bleue Marine aggressive sales team has given our organization the advantage to secure a good penetration in both Export and Import in the Egyptian market .

  • Our extensive marketing organization covers the entire country and seeks to secure maximum export and import .
  • Our Management information system team in Bleue Marine constantly updates our sales and marketing staff with the changes in the market , Exporters-Importers, Shipping lines and freight rates . We have essential files of reputable customers with their potential cargoes has every confidence that its present experience and established dedicated team will produce the required results operationally and commercially that your company could benefit from .